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La Fleur de Love Series

Some Day Somebody: 
La Fleur de Love 
(Book 1)

They both want her.
One wants her dead.

Carrie Jeansonne is a single mother with a brand new career. She craves stability. What she gets is a series of increasingly disturbing phone calls that keep her guessing. She’s tempted to dismiss the calls as harmless threats from her disgruntled ex-husband. Eventually, she’s forced to consider they may be far more ominous.
Sam Langley is newly divorced and knocking on forty, with nothing to look forward to. When the former office clown turned grouch clashes with Carrie, it seems the two will forever be at odds.  Patience has never been his forte, but his heart tells him she’d be worth the wait.
As friendships transform into something more serious, the calls cross over into ugly territory. Carrie’s concern turns to panic at a terrifying discovery.

This is the first in a Louisiana based series of books that are filled with intelligent and amusing characters you're sure to adore.


Carrie caught Sam glancing over at her. “What?”

“Can I ask you something? You can tell me to eat shit if you want to.”

She smiled. “That’s always a possibility. Go ahead.”

“You said you and Dave were separated several times. Why’d you take him back all those times? What did he have that made you want to keep trying?”

Carrie’s steps slowed as she considered her answer. “I was stuck. No education, no job, no way to support my kids. That’s when I decided I needed a plan. So, I went back to school.” She kicked a small pinecone off the track. “You know, Sam, I dropped out of my first semester of college when I married Dave. At eighteen, I went from my parents’ household to Dave’s." She stopped to scuff the toe of her shoe on the asphalt "Being out there alone and responsible for myself and my kids is a huge step for me. At times, it’s overwhelming.” 

“What if you weren’t alone?”

Carrie plucked at a stray thread on the hem of her shirtsleeve. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, what if there was someone around to help, offer support?”

She waited several seconds before speaking again. “What kind of support?”

Sam fidgeted before he continued. “Emotional support, or more, if you wanted it, from someone like me. I mean from me.”

Sam shifted, unable to meet her gaze. The wind picked up, sending the dry leaves of the park’s water oaks and silver leaf maples dancing around their feet. It whistled through the pine grove surrounding the park grounds as the taller, older trees swayed and creaked in the strong wind.

“Listen, Sam. I’m newly-divorced, and I’ve got three kids to think about. If you’re just looking for someone to take to bed—”

His hand flew up to stop her mid-sentence. “That’s not what this is about. I’m not interested in a fling. I think you’re a brave, beautiful lady, and I'm impressed as hell at what you’ve accomplished.” He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and tapped the heel of his work boot on the asphalt track. “I’ll be honest with you,” he said, his voice steady. “I never thought I’d have the heart to try this again. But there’s something about you that makes me want to risk it.”

She stared at him, wide-eyed. “You have no idea what you’d be getting yourself into.”

“I know you,” he admitted. “I know your favorite food in the world is boiled crawfish, your favorite dessert is homemade banana pudding. You despise daylight savings time. Your favorite color is burgundy, and you look good in it, but you look even better in forest green. I know you used to cry when you heard the song Hold On by Wilson because you felt like they wrote it for you. Every Christmas you make it a point to watch A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and the fifties version of A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim.” He pulled his hands from his pockets and grabbed the back of his neck, elbows forward, as he released his breath in a long, slow hiss. “I’m screwing this up, I know I am.”

Carrie stepped forward to place a hand on his arm. “No, you’re not, and I’m flattered, and maybe once I’m in my new place I can think about it. My life is too complicated right now. Too many unanswered questions to take a step like that. I need to learn to be alone with me for a while.”

She lifted her hands and dropped them to her sides again. “All I can do is to ask you to be patient.” She stared up him, her pulse quickening, as the drums re-established the rhythm in her ears. She had to dig deep for the courage to continue, but she couldn’t stop now. “And if—if you find someone else before then, I’d understand if you didn’t want to wait around until I’m ready,” she finished in a whisper.

She watched, nervous as a crawfish next to a pot of boiling water, as Sam pulled himself up to his full height. She sucked in her breath and held it. He’s going to say he can’t waste his time waiting on me. She heard him take a deep breath, as though to calm himself. He couldn’t possibly be as nervous as she was. Could he?

Finally, he spoke. “You know, Carrie . . .” He drew out the four syllables in a slow, seductive manner. “I haven’t always been a patient man—”

She nearly fainted as Sam stretched out his arm to place a light touch on the tip of her nose.

“—but something tells me you’d be worth the wait.”

The breath whooshed out of her lungs in a rush. Vibrating with nervous tension, she put her hand up to stop him when he tried to say more.

“Don’t.” She shook her head slowly. “There’s nothing you could possibly say to top that.” Carrie backed carefully away from the man, wishing for once she could afford to let go of her inhibitions. His one-sided grin caused that single “almost” to reappear, making her want to cover it with a slow, lingering kiss. She turned away from the man who stood staring down at her as though she were the best thing since chicken and biscuits.

Last First Kiss (La Fleur de Love, #2)
Last First Kiss:
La Fleur de Love (Book 2)

Her daughters want a daddy.
She wants her old life back.
All he wants is the three of them.

After Giselle Granger’s husband dies in a tragic accident, she’s left with their two young daughters, and struggling for the strength to live in without him.
When Jackson Broussard loses his wife in the same accident, he finds himself free of the woman whose lies and manipulations have made his marriage and life a living hell. He feels bound to the past by his desire to do right by his friend’s widow and children, even though Giselle makes it clear she doesn’t want his help. 

Can the two former co-workers forget their differences in order to construct a new future together? Or will they be left with nothing more than a last first kiss and two broken hearts?

Jackson backed her up against the smooth surface of the wall then grabbed her hands and laced his fingers through hers. He raised them above her head, one on each side, effectively pinning her against the wall. Leaning forward, he brushed his mouth against her neck just below her left ear.

Her pulse quickened at the feel of his warm breath on her dampened skin. Instead of kissing her neck as she expected him to, he spoke softly in her ear.

“I have to tell you, Hon, I don’t mind a little teasing every now and then, but I’m no masochist, and I’m sure as hell no saint. Here lately, being around you is agony.”

“What’s the matter big boy?” she gasped, trying to lighten the mood. “You afraid it’s going to stunt your growth?”

The look Jackson gave her revealed he hadn’t found much humor in this particular situation. 

“What is it you want from Giselle?” He spoke “I think you know how much I want you, but I need to know how far you’re willing to take this little game of yours.”

Giselle stared into the depths of his eyes, hooded and dark with desire. “In time—all the way, but we’re not alone here, Jackson.”

“Red’s a grown man and knows better than to bother us. It’s dark back here.” He brushed his mouth lightly against hers.

She closed her eyes, ready to abandon all will, ready to give him whatever he asked of her.
Jackson placed gentle kisses upon one eyelid, then the other. He pulled back and watched, as her eyelids fluttered open. He could go for it right now; he knew he could. She was as hungry for it as he was. One good kiss and she’d be ready, Red or no Red, but did he want her here—like this? Unfortunately, he already knew the answer. This scenario was too ‘first time in the back seat’ for Jackson, and he respected Giselle entirely too much for that.

He groaned, dropped his head back in defeat. He turned away from her, walked straight into the pool’s waterfall. He gasped, letting the icy water take care of his current predicament. He cleared the water from his eyes just in time to catch a glimpse Giselle’s sexy round bottom and bare back as she dove into the pool. He watched her swim underwater for a while, then surface, gasping for air, as she tread water until she caught her breath. Then she began to swim the length of the pool in earnest, back and forth. 

Jackson walked over to the table, grabbed his towel to dry off. He looked up at Red, who was placing steaks onto the heated grill, tight-lipped and silent. “That waterfall sure is cold.”

Red’s face broke into a broad grin. “It’s almost as effective as a cold shower.” He shook his head as his gaze locked with Jackson’s. “You two sure enjoy torturing each other.” 

Jackson watched Giselle’s smooth, long strokes cutting a path through the water. “It seems to be the norm with us, Red. Nothing’s ever easy with Giselle.” He turned to his friend and gave him a wink. “But it sure as hell makes life interesting.”
Hart's Desire (La Fleur de Love, #2.5)


La Fleur de Love (Book 2.5)

Once their parents schemed to keep them apart. Can they find each other in time to recover what they lost thirty years ago?

It’s late 1974, and high school student, Melinda Dawson is in serious trouble.  Within two hours of revealing her problem to her parents, she’s whisked off against her will to another state, far away from the boy she loves.

Back in McCray, Washington, Greg Hart is one confused young man.  His girlfriend vanished in the middle of the night without so much as a see ya later.  After six long months, and still no word from her, he hopes to put his broken heart behind him by enlisting in the U.S. Marines.

Thirty years later finds Melinda back in McCray to care for her ailing father.  It’s not long before she runs into Greg, now retired from the military, and mayor of the tiny town. Immediate sparks erupt at their first meeting, rekindling the smoldering embers of a strong mutual attraction. 

Can the two of them bypass old feelings of anger, bitterness, and abandonment in order to find the love they once shared?

Gregory Hart cringed at the door’s jingle signaling the presence of another customer. It was Friday afternoon before a much needed weekend, and all he wanted was to go home and pop a top on an icy longneck. He shook his head but didn’t look up from the spreadsheet on his computer screen. Days like this—hell, weeks like this made him want to pack up and sell the place. Just take off and drive somewhere, anywhere, to get away from here, where everywhere he turned, something or someone reminded him of the wife he’d lost to cancer a year ago.

“Excuse me, where do you keep the batteries?” a woman’s voice asked from the end of the aisle to his left.

“What do you need them for?”

“A television remote, I think.”

Without looking up, he reached up to the counter display on his right and pulled a pack. “Will these do?” He slid the to the end of the check-out counter.

“That’s just what I needed. How much?”

Her question, heavy with an east Texan accent, sounded breathless and rushed for time. He glanced up, thinking her voice sounded disturbingly familiar. His gaze landed on a pretty lady, with curly hair and green eyes that sparkled as she perused the pack of batteries. The breath left him in a rush the moment recognition dawned. He stood speechless, staring at the woman who’d left town as a young girl of seventeen, taking his heart with her. Thirty years had changed her, of course, but not enough to keep him from knowing the first woman he’d ever loved. 

 “Oh, that’ll be about two bucks—and one broken heart.” He watched as she froze, her hand shoved deep inside her purse. “You’re looking good, Melin.”

Brown Eyed
La Fleur de Love(Book 3)

Someone wants Red ruined . . . or dead.
Can he keep Tiffany from becoming the next target?

Tiffany LeBlanc couldn’t wait to leave the social snobbery of her parents’ inner-circle-elitism in Houston, Texas. She worked her way through two Louisiana universities and stayed on to enjoy the de lifestyle of the bayou state. She should feel optimistic about her future, but her cheating fiancé and controlling parents have the successful surgeon feeling anything but. A handsome businessman, with ulterior motives, has her wondering. Has she been settling?
Scott `Red’ McAllister comes from a large, hard-working, Scottish-Cajun family in a tiny south Louisiana farming community. He’s a highly respected businessman, owning one successful club in Lafayette, with a second under construction in Lake Coburn. Since he and the good doctor stepped off badly a few months earlier, Red has decided to steal “Doc” away from her unappreciative fiancé.
Red is completely baffled when one ominous phone call, promising disaster, leads to others. A tragic fire marks the beginning of someone’s plans to ruin and keeps him wondering what he’s done to warrant the disastrous chain of events. He can’t be sure of anything. Not even a promising new relationship with “Doc”.
As happens in a family as large as Red’s, it’s natural to have at least one sibling’s drama overflow into his life. Enter little sister, Annie.  
Welcome to clan McAllister.


      Red held the front door open for her and followed her out, at the last aiming a warning glare in his sisters’ direction. He frowned, mouthing the word ‘Don’t’ before shutting the door, but knowing full well it was pointless to expect them not to spy.
Red walked Tiffany to her car. “So, how about it Doc, are you glad you came?”
      She nodded enthusiastically. “I am. It felt good to let go and have some fun. Thanks for letting me be a part of this today.”
      “You’re welcome here anytime—I hope you know that.”                                 
      She gazed up at him, her face a study in curiosity. “What about Tanner?”
      He bowed gallantly. “If you must,” he said with an exaggerated sigh. “I’d be civil for your sake, and I promise not to break his nose, Tiffy.”
      She poked him playfully in the chest. “Don’t call me that again.”
“If it’s good enough for Tanner, it should be good enough for me...Tiffy,” he taunted.
      “Stop it,” she said, this time with more conviction.
      “Aw, but Tiffy is such a cute little nickname…like Buffy or—”
      “I’m warning you, Red!” she said, her anger plainly evident.
      “You don’t stop Tanner from saying it, why should you stop me, huh Tiffy?”
Before he knew it, she’d popped him good on the mouth.
      “Stop it!” she snapped.
      He grabbed her wrist in one swift movement. “You know, Doc, that’s the second time you slap me in less th—” His accusation trailed off as he witnessed something else, something just as heated, replace the fury in her eyes. His heart pumped furiously as he stepped closer, pressing her back firmly up against the car. His breath quickened, matching her own rapid panting as she gazed up at him with eyes the color of rich, melted chocolate. Damn it all, but he could get lost in those eyes. Without a doubt, he’d never wanted someone so badly before.
      “Doc...” Not wanting to scare her off, he lowered his mouth to hers in an agonizingly slow movement. In a perfect world that would have been enough and she’d have let him kiss her. But this was reality, and a second before their lips would have met, her whispered plea stopped him.
      “Don’t Red, please.”
      Red paused, pulling back enough to watch her long eyelashes flutter closed. He let go of her wrist and slowly, gently, moved that hand behind her head to pull her up against his chest.
      Stiff and tense, she clenched the sides of his shirt until the tension eased slowly from her body. Her hands slid to his back as she finally settled comfortably against him.
      Red brought his right arm around to pull her closer and they stood, holding each other, surrounded by the quiet sounds of late autumn. The north wind whipped through the yard full of pecans, oaks, and silver leaf maple trees, sending the dry leaves skittering across the ground around their feet.
      “You feel so damn good,” he whispered. “Like you belong here.”
      “Oh God. Don’t say that,” she murmured into his shirt.
      He moved his hand to the back of her neck, gently massaging, as he pressed the softest of kisses upon her crown. “Doc—Please don’t marry Tanner,” he whispered, not caring if his plea sounded desperate. He was desperate—desperate to make her see how good they’d be together—desperate for her to give him a chance to prove it to her.
      She buried her face in his shirt and spoke through muffled sobs. “Oh God, please don’t say anything more, Red. I have to go.”
      He took a deep breath to fortify himself. “I know.” Reluctantly, he released her and backed away so she could get into her car.
      She started the engine, avoiding eye contact with him as she shifted into drive. Keeping her head lowered, she sat there with her foot on the brakes, the steering wheel tightly clenched in both hands. He tapped lightly on her window with his knuckle then flattened his palm on the glass.
      Tiffany looked up, her eyes wide with agonized longing. Red’s breath caught painfully in his chest as he caught the shimmer of tears on her long lashes. Just as he reached for the door handle, she released the brakes. He stood, hands shoved deep in his pockets, watching the slow progression of her car, every second taking her further out of reach.
      He took his time walking back to the house, not quite ready to replace the memory of having her in his arms. Once inside, he leaned against the door jamb, observing the couples in the room. Whether they held hands, curled a foot or leg around the other or lightly touched an arm or shoulder, there was some form of contact. Red met Jackson’s gaze and shrugged at the unspoken message of understanding from his friend.
      He turned to meet his parents as they entered the kitchen through the patio door. He returned his mom’s smile and accepted a hug from her.
      “Now, tell me the truth,” he said in a low voice. “How big of an audience did we have while we were out there?”
      “Oh, about what you’d expect after being raised in this family.” Her eyes sparkled with laughter. “All your sisters, Sienna, and Giselle—It’s been reported that you handled yourself very well, even though you didn’t kiss her.”
      Red felt the heavy, but comforting weight of his dad’s hand on his shoulder.
      “That call from the hospital sure was lousy timing, wasn’t it, son?”
      “It’s sucked all the fun out of this day for me,” he told his father. “But, that’s her work, and I’d sure as hell put up with it for one chance with her.”
      “Only one?” Vivienne smiled and gave his cheek a reassuring pat.
      He turned his gaze on his mother. “One chance, Mom, I swear that’s all it’ll take. But I won’t get it unless she finds the strength to walk away from Tanner.”

Heaven in Your Eyes:
La Fleur de Love(Book 4) 

Can she see beyond their hell to
envision heaven in his eyes?

Things are finally falling into place for Annie McAllister. She’s relocated to a new town, into a new home, and partnered with a thriving physical therapy practice. The youngest of eight children has achieved the independence she’s always craved. No complications will keep this McAllister from doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Two men, in particular, didn’t get that memo: A would-be-rapist-turned-stalker named J.B. Montgomery, who is more determined than ever to have her; and Drake LeBlanc, the handsome attorney who saved Annie from J.B.’s attack on New Year’s Eve. Annie is livid when she’s coerced by family members into having Drake move in until her attacker is apprehended.  There goes her independence.

Drake is thrilled at the chance to protect Annie. He’s been captivated by the fiery redhead since their first though undeniably hot encounter a month earlier. He’s vowed to keep Annie safe, and to win her trust. First, he must win over her pet cat, Martin, and wise-cracking parrot, Lewis. The question is, will he win Annie’s heart in the process?

In a family as large as Annie’s, it’s nearly impossible to avoid other family drama. Her brother, Chad McAllister and his wife, Julia, seem to have plenty of to share.

Welcome to Clan McAllister. 


Annie sensed his presence the moment his masculine-as-all-hell profile filled the doorway of her brother’s club. Her gaze sought him out like a mosquito to a fresh supply of B positive. She targeted him within seconds, groaning at the wisdom of God’s decision to gift Drake LeBlanc with more than his fair share southeast Texan ‘buffitude’. The man’s drool-worthy qualities included six foot plus of sinewy muscle and broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. She could only imagine what he looked like under that shirt. Male babies all over the world must have cried “Foul!” the millisecond he was born.

She sipped on her drink, able to admit the one thing that ate at her. Despite how annoying she found him, the son of a gun turned her on in a way no man ever had before. Why must he show up just in time to ruin her night? And why must he always look so damned good doing it? She groaned inwardly at the sexiness of the man dressed in dark slacks with a black shirt, as usual, tailored to perfection.

He turned in her direction, as though homing in on her presence. Annie barely had time to duck behind a column, hoping to buy herself at least a little more relief from the intolerable cockiness of his attitude.
Drake LeBlanc made his way into the club. The place was full to capacity, which was great news for his brother-in-law and club owner, Red McAllister. It was New Year’s Eve and the grand opening for the brand new club named simply, Red’s. People on the packed dance floor moved rhythmically as the latest country blasted from the sound system. Gorgeous women, dozens of them, swayed and gyrated in step to the beats. He scanned them in a quick, practiced search for the one face, the one particular shape in the crowd. A familiar voice at his shoulder cut into his concentration.

“Hey, bro! We were beginning to wonder if you’d be able to make it.”
Drake grabbed Red’s outstretched hand and gave it a firm shake. “I’m late, I know,” he yelled to be heard over the sound system. “But I’m working my ass off trying to get settled in. I unpack at the office until seven, go home, eat a and unpack there until ten.”

Red laughed. “It gets easier.” He pointed to a corner of the huge, open room. “Everyone is over there.”

It took a few minutes to get to the far side of the room where the rest of their group had taken up three rectangular tables in the VIP section.

Tiffany McAllister jumped up out of her chair at his approach. “There’s my little brother!” She hugged him tightly then pointed to the chair next to her.

Drake exchanged greetings with all the familiar faces at the tables then seated himself. “Great crowd—I’d say this has all the makings of a successful dance club.” He looked around. “Is this all the family that made it?”

Red grinned at Drake. “Annie’s on the dance floor.”

Drake nodded, trying to look nonchalant. “Did she come with anyone?”

Tiffany leaned closer to him. “You mean is she alone, or with a date?”

He gave her a cocky smile. “Whether or not she’s got a date is of no concern.”

“Bull!” she retorted. “We all know how you feel about her.”

“I know how I feel about her, too. All I’m saying is I’m not worried.” The music stopped suddenly and he straightened his collar and cleared his throat. “It’ll just make her realize how dim the competition is when compared to me,” he drawled. A feminine voice cut through his calm composure like a machete through rice paper. His shoulders stiffened as he braced himself.

“Someone’s being a pompous ass early tonight.”

He turned, focusing his gaze on the crystalline blue eyes of Annie McAllister. His stomach knotted with excitement, despite the angry glare she flashed at him. He dropped his gaze to encompass shapely, stocking-clad legs in stiletto heels. As further torture, she’d worn a short black, leather skirt, hugging her hips. A modestly cut, cream colored sweater clung tightly to her tiny waist. Once again, he marveled at this tightly packed little body that kept him awake nights.

Drake leaned forward to catch her fragrance, a soft scent, uniquely hers and appealing as all get out. “Annie, you always bring to mind the old phrase ‘dynamite comes in small packages,’” he drawled while nodding appreciatively.

Halos & Horns Series
of  La Fleur de Love Series

Where Natives of Louisiana and Texas Cross State Lines for Romance
Green Eyed
(Previously named 
Green Eyed Lady)
Halos & Horns
(Book 1) 

Two perfect men...One torn woman...Whose heart will be broken?

How does one Creole beauty choose between the two men who’ve both captured her heart?

How does one Creole beauty choose between the two men who’ve both captured her heart?
Meet Angelique Baptiste—happy with her career, her friends, and her man—sans the sex life, thanks to her shrink. After relying far too much on sex appeal to choose her partners, she accepts her therapist’s opinion that it’s done nothing but hinder her ability to make wise choices.  As a result, she’s spent the last six months as chaste as a nun in a monastery—much to the chagrin of one particular “friend with potential” to be more.

Michael Harper is a man of integrity, as well as a detective for the Lafayette Police Department. He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s crazy about Angelique, and he’s willing to wait for her to serve out her sentence of self-imposed celibacy. As trying as it is to be around her, he knows the reward for his perseverance will be a lifetime with the woman he loves. Or will it?

Liam Nash, ex-Navy Seal has the unfortunate reputation of being the last man to break Angelique’s heart. More than a year earlier they’d been a couple, but rather than commit to a lifetime with her, he’d high-tailed it back to Texas. Within minutes of swaggering back into her life, he proves his reason for leaving was justified. He’s defeated the demons from his past and is all-too-willing to work at a happily ever after with her.

Torn between two men she loves equally, Angelique agonizes over the choice she knows she must make. Just when she decides she can’t break one heart over another, fate steps in to decide for her.

Note from the author:

The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you’ll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Enjoy!   ~ Lori Leger ~


   Austin, Texas   Black Stetson in hand, his jeans worn and faded, he knelt in front of the granite headstone. He reached out with his opposite hand and traced the first inscription. 
                                         My Wife, My Loves, My Life...  

 He’d read the words hundreds of times over the last year, but today’s visit lacked the overwhelming feeling of loss he usually felt by now. Resting his hand on he lifted his face to absorb the warmth of the sun’s rays and allowed a particular memory to wash over him. The image of his beautiful Kimberly the last time he’d seen her alive filled him with a feeling of joy, both sweet and melancholy.

It had taken a year of hard work and learning to forgive himself for her death. He could finally smile at the tender memory of Kim, seated in a rocker in the just finished nursery, her hands gently caressing her protruding belly.

He moved his hand to the smaller inscription, as fingertips traced the name and birthday of his infant son. Because Kim had been eight months pregnant when she died, he’d asked the coroner to deliver the baby so his mother could be buried holding her child. She’d waited so long, and it was the last thing he’d been able to do for her. He remembered well the first time he’d set eyes on Nicholas, nestled in the arms of his mother. His son had his mother’s nose and the stubborn set of his father’s chin, as well as his mouth and ears. The pain of seeing them arranged so perfectly had nearly done him in. Somehow, he’d managed to survive the wake and funeral.

Somehow, he’d managed to be there to comfort Kim’s parents, devastated over losing their youngest child and grandchild. He’d even comforted her siblings—his two brothers in law who would never again tease the kid sister they’d nicknamed Kaybee before she even walked. He knew they would be haunted by the tiny, but on the last 3D ultrasound she’d emailed her big brothers of their newest nephew. Her death created a huge void in the lives of everyone who knew and loved her. He’d been strong for everyone until the funeral was over.

Then he’d tended to himself the only way he knew. He had run as far and as fast as he could, away from everything that reminded him of the wife and child he’d lost. He’d tried to move on, but learned the hard way that you couldn’t build a future while running Everywhere he’d turned there had been a roadblock, and he’d hurt people. One person, in particular, had been heartbroken. His biggest failure had been to hurt the one person who’d been nothing but good and loving to him. 

That sin had prompted him to return here to face his demons. Here, in the place he’d spent the happiest days of his life, as well as the most miserable, he’d found the peace he’d been so desperately seeking. He’d begged forgiveness from his wife and son for not being able to keep them from harm. He’d visited parents, and cried with her brothers.

It hadn’t come easily…had taken a full year to feel the forgiveness he’d searched for and finally found. It was as though Kim had laid a hand over his heart, freeing him from the pain and guilt that had plagued him. It had taken five long years of running and facing up to it, but he’d finally accepted it as God’s will, and truly believed there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. He stood and dusted off the knees of his jeans before bending at the waist to place a gentle kiss on the headstone. “I love you both,” he murmured. “ Babe.” 

After passing one hand through his hair, he placed his Stetson back on his head and took two steps back. Finally prepared to get back to his life, he turned and walked away from his past—and into his future.

Chapter 1
Late February
Angelique Baptiste carved a quick path through the crowded dance floor toward the bar area. She watched the tall, guy, the same one who’d been ogling her for the last hour, circle the perimeter of the dancers to reach the bar a few seconds before she did. She brushed her hair back from her face before walking up to a vacant bar stool. Just as she placed her hand on it, the guy in question covered her hand with his own...large but well-manicured and soft, as though it had never lifted anything heavier than a fork or a pen in its life. He reeked of money.

Her gaze locked onto a pair of brilliant blue eyes, owned by one of men she’d ever seen. Angie took a moment to appreciate the outward appearance of the man standing before her. buff, and looking as though he’d just stepped off of the beach even though it was the end of winter. She narrowed her eyes, curious as to the source of the tan. The guy was as handsome as any male model she’d ever seen, and although he was built enough to peak her interest, he had the look of someone who spent more time in front of a mirror than she did. 


“Excuse me, is this your chair?” she asked politely.

“It is, but I’m always ready to make a sacrifice for a woman as beautiful as you,” he said, smooth as a baby’s bottom.

knew what to be wary of in a man. Just like that, she had him pegged. This guy was obviously a player...a smooth talkin’, momma’s boy player, used to using daddy’s money to get his own way.

She smiled and pulled her hand back from under his. “Keep your chair. I’m not interested.” She watched him shake his head, as though he was shocked at getting turned and waited for his next doomed attempt to pick her up.
“Look, is it a sin to want to dance with the most beautiful woman in the room?” he asked.

Angelique stepped back for a head to toe perusal before shaking her head. “You don’t want to dance. You want what I can’t give you because I don’t play those games.” Anymore, she added silently.

The man cocked his head. “And you got all that from two sentences?”

 “Absolutely...and more.”

“I’m intrigued. Mind if I hear the rest?”

Angelique chuckled. “Trust me, Golden Boy; you do not want to hear what I have to say about you.”

His eyes narrowed perceptibly at the nickname she gave him. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Definitely not,” she said, shaking her head as she turned toward the bartender. “Hey, Bryn, could I have a Grey Goose martini, extra olives, and make it dirty, please.” She turned as she heard the man clear his throat.

He swiveled the bar stool so that she could seat herself. “I really would like to hear all about your perception of me, warped I may be.”

Angelique straightened to her full height and lifted her chin to meet his gaze. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He gave her a gallant bow. “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Okay then. You’re a player, and you have been for years. You’re the type of guy who doesn’t give a damn if you leave a date, or a girlfriend, or a wife waiting at home and wondering where you are, while you’re out playing touchy feely with another woman. And you wouldn’t even care if it’s a friend’s woman. You’re obviously spoiled. You’ve been raised with a silver spoon in your mouth and are far too used to getting your way. You are selfish, self-centered, and conceited, and that that spray-on, or from a tanning bed?”

She waved off the beginnings of his indignant reply. “Doesn’t matter—whatever it is, it tells me that you spend far too much time in front of a mirror. I cannot abide a man who primps more than I do. It’s not natural, and frankly, it’s a huge .”
She took one of his hands in hers and examined it. “Soft,” she said. “Too damn soft…I bet you’ve never gotten dirt under those nails, or God forbid, blisters on those palms from anything other than maybe a tennis racquet from that exclusive club you belong to…and let’s not forget your own self on the back. You definitely don’t know what it’s like to do any kind of physical labor.”
Angelique flipped her hair off her shoulder and placed both hands on her hips. “Had enough?”

His eyes widened curiously. “Is there more?”

“Not without having a real conversation, and I doubt you’d be interested after all that. As a matter of fact,” she said, checking her watch, “I figure you’ll be heading off to find a more receptive audience any second now.”

 The man crossed his arms and stood there, looking as though he’d settled in for the night. “Mind if I say something?”

She nodded. “By all means, defend away.”

“Although I do play tennis occasionally, my sport of choice is baseball and I got plenty of blisters from that, playing from the age of five all the way through college,” he said. “Oh, and the tan is natural...I just got back from my time share in the Hawaiian Islands.”

She rolled her eyes. “Flaunting your wealth is almost as bad as primping.”

“Since when is stating a fact considered flaunting?”

She raised her hand to stop him. “If you’d said, ‘It’s natural.’ And stopped at that, it would have been stating a fact. You threw in the time share in Hawaii…there’s your flaunting.” She gave him a pat on the arm. “Give it a rest, Golden Boy. some doe-eyed Sorority girl who’ll fawn all over you. I’m a grown woman and I prefer real men, not spoiled little boys who refuse to take life seriously.” She turned abruptly and bumped her nose into the solid wall of an extremely broad chest, belonging to a very tall, very hunky man. “Oh, excuse me.”

“Not at all, ma’am,” the wall of chest said in his deep bass. “I couldn’t help but overhear a little of your discussion. Is this gentleman bothering you?”

Angelique smiled up at the mountain of a man with straight, coal black hair, and nearly black eyes…the look of someone with some Native American in his bloodline. His shoulders were massive and he dwarfed the blond guy, who looked to be over six feet himself.

 “No, he’s not bothering me, just having a difficult time accepting that he’s not God’s gift to women.” She took a step back to encompass the whole of the big man. “My goodness, you are a tall one, aren’t you?”

The man swept off his Stetson and brushed a huge hand through his jet black locks. “ ma’am; six foot and seven inches, to be exact. Mike Harper is the name, and as long as we’re talking, would you care to dance with me?” he asked, holding out his hand and bowing graciously.

Angelique reached for his hand. “I think I’d like that, Mr. Harper,” she said, as she asked the bartender to hold her drink.
He turned her toward the dance floor, his hand placed intimately on the small of her back. He paused long enough to grin at the other man, who stood there gaping at him as though someone slid their mud-covered four by four in the parking spot set aside for his Mercedes. “I hope you’re taking notes, pretty because I don’t give lessons.”
Once out in the middle of the dance floor, Angelique slid her arms up around the man’s neck. “Can you still see him?” 
Mike Harper looked over at the guy. “Yep. He’s standing there like he doesn’t know what hit him. I picked up a bicycle tire pump off a street this morning…maybe I ought to give it to him.”

“For what?” she asked, peering up at him.

“He needs some help with that deflated ego of his. I didn’t catch it all…what’d you say to him?”

She shrugged. “The truth.”

“Poor bastard,” he said, clucking his tongue.

Angelique laughed, then looked up into the dark eyes of her dance partner. “You’re late, Detective.”

He made a face as he sucked in his breath. “I’m sorry about that, Angel. I tried to call you from my truck, but your phone didn’t pick up.”

“I fried it...again,” she said, trying her best to avert his gaze, even as she felt the rumble of laughter from deep in his chest.

Sarah Smile:
Halos & Horns
(Book 2)

Now that her abusive ex-husband is out of her life, Sarah Richard is savoring her freedom. Surrounded by people who treat her and her babies like family, the three of them are thriving. Though occasionally haunted by nightmares from her violent past, she struggles to put it behind her. With a loving surrogate family, good friends, and a new career, all she lacks is a man in her life. The question is, will she ever be able to trust another man with her and her twin daughters’ hearts?

Dr. Tanner Collins is running from his own sordid past. The man has left a trail of women from one end of Louisiana to the other, and through half the state of Texas. Even when this bad boy tries to be good, he has women throwing themselves at him at all hours of the day and night. When his admiration for Sarah into something stronger, he keeps his feelings in check, knowing he’ll never be near the kind of man she deserves.

When Tanner rushes to Houston to be with his parents during his father’s illness, he’s forced to deal with hidden resentments toward his upper crust parents. At he accepts the fact that situations aren’t always as obvious as they seem on the surface.

Note from the author:
The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you’ll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Enjoy!
                                                                                ~ Lori Leger ~

Meagan's Marine:
Halos & Horns
(Book 3)
It’s tough going for mom, Meagan Hutton. She has to keep up with an active three-year-old son, her job as bartender extraordinaire at Red’s nightclub, and her online college classes—all while doing whatever she can to make ends meet. Throw in of the creepy kind, happening with disturbing frequency in her home, and she’s struggling just to stay sane. The last thing she needs is a handsome, though hesitant, Marine sniffing around her or her son.
Master Sergeant Mitchell Hebert, recently retired from the U.S. Marines, likes keeping things simple. He’s had an easy time of it, right up until a pretty barmaid with a Texas twang crept her way into his every thought his several months in the middle east. Upon their first meeting, a relationship seemed promising, but then he discovered she was a package deal. Turns out, her ex-fiance, a fellow Marine who lost his life in Afghanistan, left her with a son to raise on her own…and a little something extra.
Can Mitch convince himself to take on the mother and son challenge before Meagan decides he’s not worth the risk?
Note from the author:
The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you’ll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Enjoy!

~ Lori Leger ~ 

One Year to Forever
Halos & Horns
(Book 4)

One year is nothing compared to forever . . .
Haley Broussard, a pretty little beauty from southeast Texas, is full of sauce and determination. She’s determined to win barrel races with her horse, Dakota, to finish college, and never to date a military man. Until recently, she’d spent her entire adult life worrying about her much older brother, a career Marine of twenty years. When a USMC Corporal rescues Haley from a drunken partner in a local club, she experiences a change in attitude, as well
Louisiana man, Ben Bonin has never taken his relationship with women seriously. After joining the military at nineteen years old, he’d thought it best not to have a girl waiting on him at home. It was bad enough having his family and friends worrying about his first deployment to Afghanistan. One sight of Haley has him thinking otherwise.
After a whirlwind romance, we find the couple facing the heartbreak of his departure. Can Ben survive seven months of dangerous missions to come home to her? And if he does, will she be there waiting for him?

includes a secondary storyline involving Haley’s brother, retired Marine Sergeant, Matthew “Tex” Broussard, and the women in his life. 

This is book four of the Halos & Horns series, set in Louisiana with characters from Louisiana and Texas.

Chapter 1
Never say Never
“Stop that!” Haley Broussard slapped her dance partner’s hand off her boob. He promptly moved his hand to her butt. She sent him an icy glare as she turned on her heels. He jerked her back around.
     “Aw, don’t be like that, honey. We haven’t finished our dance yet.”
The creep seemed to have eight hands, each one simultaneously trying to cop a feel at whatever part of her body he could reach. Once more, she tried to escape, only to have him pull her back, this time disgustingly close to him. She averted her face, overcome by the stench of beer, bourbon, and stale cigarettes on his breath, then shuddered from the feel of his hardness against her hip. He was ready for her second attempt to pull away, and she barely managed a step back before he reeled her in. 
     She slipped both hands between them and pushed with everything she had to give herself a little breathing room. “Look, what’d you say your name was?”
     “My friends call me BJ.” He grinned drunkenly at her. “Cause there’s nothing like a good BJ.”
     Haley cringed. “Well I’m not your friend, and—Ew. So, you need to back the hell off. I accepted a dance, not a session.” With both hands trapped between her body and his, Haley’s panic set in for real. Even under normal circumstances, she didn’t like her arms or hands confined. This was far from normal.
     Craning her neck, she scanned the room for Matt, her brother, with no luck. She was near to succumbing to a full-blown, hyperventilating, panic attack when a hand landed on her partner’s beefy shoulder. A masculine voice—rich and ominous with barely contained anger, cut through the music.
     “Excuse me, but is this asshole bothering you?”
     Too relieved to speak, she somehow managed a nod at the straight-backed man who stood a good half head taller than her partner, but without the bulk. Maybe she couldn’t speak, but she could stare—at the clean-shaven line of his strong jaw, sexy eyes, and nice lips. What he lacked in bulk he made up for with broad shoulders and well-developed biceps that screamed of some kind of workout regimen—all in all, a well-rounded package for a knight-in-shining-armor.
     “I think the lady has had enough of you for tonight.”
     Her captor used one arm to shove hard at the while keeping a tight grip on her with the other. “Back off, ass-wipe.”
     “Let her man, you don’t want to do this tonight.” Her knight spoke with steely determination, totally controlled.
     “What I want to do tonight doesn’t include you, so why don’t you buzz on outta here before you get hurt…junior.”
     Haley winced from BJ’s iron grip on her forearm, knowing she’d have a to explain to her irate father later. Her would-be rescuer must have seen because his next move was to situate himself between her and the asshole that refused to release her arm.
     “Let her go. You're hurting her, man.”
     Meagan, one of the bartenders working that end of the room, pushed her way between them, obviously hoping to ward off trouble before it started.
     “You.” She pointed to the troublemaker. “Let her go, and then get on out. If you don’t want to be barred from this place forever, you’ll leave without another word.”
     BJ glared at Meagan as though he was about to turn on her, but seemed to think better of it. Instead, he swiveled his thick neck toward the knight and stuck one finger in his face. “You don’t want a piece of me, bro. You Louisiana boys don’t know dick about messin’ with somebody like me.” He shoved hard at the man’s chest, surprise registering clearly on his face when it barely budged.
     The bouncer pushed his way through the gathering crowd’s nucleus, packed tight with onlookers. “Break it up, now.”
     “Micky, that’s the one causing all the trouble.” Meagan pointed to the jerk still clutching at Haley’s arm.
     BJ’s drunken gaze narrowed, seconds before he let go, but only to take a swing at Haley’s knight. Instead of taking one in the face, he grabbed BJ’s fist, twisted the man’s beefy hand neatly with his own and whipped it around. In one quick, graceful, and somewhat familiar move, he’d pinned both BJ’s arms behind his back.
     Haley’s heart skipped in a mixture of admiration and distress over the suspicion that her knight was probably military. As a matter of fact, she was sure of it, as sure as she knew her horse’s favorite treat was apples.
     He held BJ in position as he spoke to him. “I’m going to let you go, okay buddy? Go on home now and leave the lady alone.”
     “Yeah, okay,” BJ hissed. Haley decided he’d already traded in what little brains he had for because the instant BJ was free he took a healthy swing at his captor.
     She cringed, and heard the empty whoosh of a swing and miss, then a trio of quick jabs that spun BJ around, sending him into the waiting arms of the bouncer. Not a bad turn of luck for him, considering the alternative would have been to land face down on the hard floor.
     The bouncer shook his head, grumbling, as he half-carried, half-steered the punch-drunk BJ off to the exit. “Can’t say you weren’t warned, asshole.”
     A large, but gentle hand pressed against Haley’s lower back, ushering her away from the scene. She glanced back and upward at the man escorting her. The no-nonsense expression on his face had the lingering crowd parting easily to let them pass. She slumped in an empty chair at Meagan’s end of the bar and turned to him. “Thanks for that, but who are you?”
     “I’m Ben. Are you okay?” He examined her arm. “It’s not broken, but you’re going to have a nasty bruise later.”
     Meagan pushed her way to the two of them, her face a mask of concern. “Haley, are you all right? Did that guy hurt you?”
     “She needs ice on this.”
     “Right away.” Meagan scrambled off, leaving the two of them alone.
     “So, Ben.” Haley smiled at him. “Do you have a last name?”
     He returned the smile, answering in James Bond fashion. “Bonin—Ben Bonin.”
     “Well, thank Ben Bonin. I’m Haley Broussard.” She stared into beautiful hazel eyes, found herself admiring his smile.  “What branch of the military are you in, Ben?”
     He cocked his head. “Marines. How’d you know?”
     She laughed and gestured at his head. “The military cut is always a sure sign, and then, there those mo back there. My brother, also Marines, tried to teach me that same slip once, but I couldn’t get the hang of it.” She shrugged one shoulder. “He says I’m unteachable.”
     Ben’s right brow lifted adorably. “Maybe you need a different instructor.”
     Haley smiled and sucked in her breath, praying he no longer served. “Are you out, by any chance?”
     “No, I came in this morning for my pre-deployment leave. My last deployment. Why?”
     Uh, because even if you were St. Benjamin of Good Deeds, I don’t believe in long distance relationships? “No reason.”
     He examined her closer. “Are you sure you’re all right? Do you need me to call someone for you?”
     “No.” Haley scanned the area around them. “My brother’s here . . . somewhere.” She turned to face him again. “Really, I’m fine.” Her breath caught as one corner of his mouth lifted in a sexy as hell half-smile.
     “That’s obvious, but do you want me to find your brother for you?”
     A light snort accompanied her laughter.
     His right brow lifted curiously. “What’s that about?”
     “I was thinking if that was a line, it was a damn good one.”
     The corners of his eyes crinkled with laughter. “I didn’t think I had any lines, but if it worked . . .”
     Meagan approached with an ice pack wrapped in a dishcloth. “Here you go, sweetie. Try this out for size.”
     Ben took the pack from her and laid it gently against her arm, using his large hands to hold it in place. “How’s that feel?”
     Fabulous, but was it the ice or the gentle touch of his hands on her? She fanned her face, slightly flustered from the nearness of him. 
     He leaned forward. “Haley? Does that feel okay?”
     She blinked once and shook herself out of her stupor. “I’m sorry, I thought I answered you. Yes, that feels good.” And you smell wonderful.
     He shook his head, frowning. “It always blows my mind when guys treat women that way.”
     “Unfortunately too many men in the world think that kind of behavior is acceptable.”
     Ben pinned her with his gaze. “No real man thinks that.” He removed the ice pack and towel and began to make some adjustments. “Hang on, let’s try something.” Within minutes, he’d used the dishtowel as a wrap to tie the ice pack securely to her arm. “How’s that?”
     She flexed her elbow, immediately missing the touch of his hands on her. “I think that’ll work. Thank you, Ben.”
     He jutted his chin toward the makeshift wrap. “You think that thing will hold up for a dance, or are you too upset to go back out there?”
     She cocked her head. “I guess that depends on who’s asking.”
     “I’m asking.”
     “I’m accepting.”
     Ben led her to the outer edge of the dance floor, his hand placed at her lower back, a reminder of the masculine presence he personified. Her heart set up a heavy thud at the feel of one of his hands covering while the opposite rested almost protectively at her waist and back. One Chris Young ballad later, and she regretted leaving his arms.
     Halfway back to the table the band picked up a quick country jitterbug. He leaned in close. “Can you dance to this?”
     Haley gave him an enthusiastic nod. “I love to dance.”
     “I’m not real good at it, but if you don’t mind me stepping on your toes, I’m game.”
     She accepted, thrilled that he was willing to try for her. Several minutes later, she headed for the bar, breathless, both from laughter at his comical antics on the dance floor, as well as trying to keep up with him. A gentle tug on her hand had her spinning around to face him. The piano introduction announced the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes. His eyes issued a silent command: Dance with me. Without a word, and oh so willingly, she returned to the welcome cocoon of his arms.
     Within seconds, he’d tucked her hand close to his chest. A minute later she looped her arms over his shoulders as he wrapped his around her waist. Resting her face on his chest, she released a long, slow sigh at the feel of his fingers gently caressing her back. She lifted her face to stare up into his. The look on his face, along with his next comment, took her breath away.
     “I want to see you again, Haley. Is that okay with you?”
     Game over. End of story. Any, and all free will she’d possessed at that had flown out the window like her cousin’s pet canary. 
     She blinked several times and swallowed. “Absolutely.”

Seasons of Love Series
A seasonal  anthology series Lori contributes to, as well as, publishes with her own company, Publishing.
A collection of quality short stories that will put you in the mood for romance . . .
whether it's spring, summer or fall/winter.

Hearts, Hearths & Holidays 
Seasons of Love Series
(Book One)
Anthology of  Christmas themed
love stories  (Co-Authored by myself
and six other lovely ladies)
THE CHRISTMAS STAR– Under the glow of a magical Christmas star, two lonely people find each other and learn the true meaning of the holiday.  (Karen Sue Burns)
BLUE CHRISTMAS – When heartbreak derails a bride-to-be’s holiday cheer, will a sexy, self-proclaimed Grinch restore her Christmas spirit…and her faith in love? (Alicia Dean)
A CHILD WAS BORN – When a cowboy bearing gifts crashes a BFF Christmas Retreat, he gets more than he bargained for . . . the gift of a lifetime. (Jessica Ferguson)
SHOTGUN SANTA –The last thing she expected him to steal was her heart... (Jennifer Jakes)
TWO GIFTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – A gift from her father brings Alyssa the chance to give herself the gift of love.  (Kellie Kamryn)
BELLS WILL BE RINGING – With a looming medical diagnosis threatening their happiness, one couple is determined to celebrate the greatest gift of all…a continuation of Bill and Gwen Broussard's story, characters from her La Fleur de Love series. (Lori Leger)
THREE WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS - Through courage and perseverance one woman teaches an Earl the true meaning of the season. (Trish F. Leger)

Spring Promise
Seasons of Love:
(Book Two)

A collection of Spring themed romances by myself and three others.

SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE- When a divorced couple a longshot meeting in Las Vegas, sparks fly to reignite their smoldering feelings for each other. Will their rekindled feelings crap out, or can they beat the odds to win the biggest jackpot of their lives? (Karen Burns)

HIS FOR ONE NIGHT - Left with staggering medical bills and school loans, Erin spends an evening as a rich man's escort, in order to free herself from debt. Will a single night in the company of the man of her dreams lead to more than she bargained for? (Trish F. Leger)

STAYING INN -  A young widow trying to recover from her painful falls for a charming guest at her bed and breakfast. The promise of new love seems within until she learns of her mystery man's hidden agenda. (Alicia Dean)

LOVING CAT - After twelve years in Dallas, Cat McDaniel is home with two successful careers under her belt, but minus one fiance. Her first night back finds her in a close encounter with Zach, her best 'buddy' since grade school, and the real reason she can't commit to any other man.

Sweet Summertime Love
Seasons of Love:
(Book Three)

Brighten your days and warm your nights with this charming collection of sweet and sensual summer themed romances.

SUMMER LOVIN' - Garden gnomes are mysteriously appearing at Ella's townhouse complex. When Jim, a sexy as hell detective with ulterior motives, agrees to help her solve the whodunit, their mutual attraction takes them from gnomes to ninety in record time. ~ Karen Sue Burns (This is a sequel to Karen's story in SPRING PROMISE)

DO OVER SUMMER - The summer starts out on the wrong foot for Jewell Price, bookstore owner on Daniels Island. Infatuated with the visiting celebrity novelist, Matt Cross, Jewel soon finds herself in too deep with a man who's interested in her for all the wrong reasons. ~ Kim Hornsby

STILL LOVING CAT - Zachary has waited over a decade to marry the only girl he's ever loved. Two weeks shy of their wedding day, an accident has Cathryn waking in a hospital with no memory of the last year of her life. Can Zach love her enough to remind her of all the reasons she gave up her ex-fiance and the picture perfect lifestyle she thought she had in Dallas? ~ Lori Leger (This is a sequel to Lori's story in SPRING PROMISE)

THE LAST BLIND DATE - When Mimi's friend sets her up with Derek on a blind date, neither of them have a clue what's in store. Charming and handsome, Derek displays just enough stubbornness to fall short of Mimi's ideal man. After one evening on a dangerous, champagne-fueled thrill ride through the shadowy foothills of the Cascade Mountains, she begins to reconsider. ~ Carmine Valentine

Christmas By
Seasons of Love:
(Book Four)

Cuddle up with a loved one, a cup of hot cocoa, or a mug of mulled cider, with this cozy collection of Christmas Themed Love Stories...
BABY BLUES CHRISTMAS – Cathryn and Zach are newlyweds juggling business and careers, breaking and entering, and the tough task of baby making. Throw in a little family drama and a dark secret and it makes for a memorable first Christmas together. ~ Lori Leger
CHRISTMAS IN WHISTLER – Hurt by her ex-husband and his scheming girlfriend, Daria Stark hopes to leave her heartbreak behind during a week-long ski trip over the holidays. Can a sexy brighten her aura before she heads home to reality? ~ Kim Hornsby
GIFT FROM THE HEART – Simone escaped her past for ten long years, but when an old crush appears from out of nowhere, Christmas takes a nostalgic turn for the worst. Will it eventually bring her the peace and forgiveness she’s been missing in her life, or another case of heartbreak she can’t outrun? ~ Trish F. Leger
A HEART AWAKENS – As soon as Cara adopts a clever puppy, her life begins to change. When the widowed freelance writer starts to fall for a hunk landscaper, past troubles and feelings of loyalty to her dead husband threaten her chance at happiness. ~ Karen Sue Burns

It's a Summer Thing
Seasons of Love
(Book Five)

FULL CIRCLE SUMMER – Cathryn and Zachary Ferguson have run the gamut of emotions when it comes to their relationship. From childhood to ‘friendship pacts’, one-sided love, suppressed feelings, ugly secrets, comas, and amnesia, they’ve finally settled into life as a married couple. Eagerly awaiting the birth of their twins, an unexpected twist has them facing the challenge of their lives. (Final chapter of the Cat and Zach saga) ~ Lori Leger
SUMMER SOLSTICE- Kayla Webber has trained to fight for the Light her entire life. Demons, she can handle, but she’s ill-prepared for a face-to-face meeting with the man who’s haunted her dreams. The time has come for Kaleb Warner to fulfill his shared destiny with Kayla. No easy feat since she didn’t realize he even existed. Will Kaleb be able to convince Kayla to combine their gifts to fight against the Darkness, or will this star-crossed couple deny the truth in their hearts? ~ Kellie Kamryn
HER SUMMER SURPRISE – Maddy is single again and prepared for the mess and headaches of a major remodel of her home. She’s ready to have her place overrun with construction workers and craftsmen. What she isn’t ready for is the scrumptious head contractor named DG. Can they get past Maddy’s trust issues to build something new, like a relationship? ~ Karen Sue Burns

ONCE UPON A SUMMER’S KISS – A friend’s summer wedding on an island off the coast of Washington, homemade love potions, a stolen kiss under a star-filled night sky—and a touch of magic. Samantha Flowers knows she’s in trouble after an evening of dancing with Cole Winters, the groom’s California cousin. Matchmaking friends, a meddling wedding planner, and two missing ring bearers—they all play a part in the fate of this magical wedding weekend. ~ Carmine Valentine

Full Circle Love

Read all four of Lori Leger's Cat & Zach stories from the last four Seasons of Love anthology books.

Book includes:
Loving Cat (from Spring Promise)
Still Loving Cat (from Sweet Summertime Love)
Baby Blues Christmas (from Christmas by Candlelight)
Full Circle Summer (from It's a Summer Thing)

Prime of Love Series
Romance for Mature Readers