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Who's Ya Daddy
Who's Ya Daddy
My favorite Cajun seasoning No longer availabe in stores due to a problem with the distributor, but they DO mail it out to people all over the country and further. The owners have their own meat market in Iowa, Louisiana called Fontenot's Cajun Foods (formerly Roy's Meat Market) 401 S. Thompson, Suite B Iowa, Louisiana 70647 FAX: 337-582-2221 PHONE: 337-582-2220 $25.00 per case of 12 OR $2.19 per can (as many cans as you want)
Nick Ballard
Nick Ballard
Home grown actor from Sulphur, Louisiana (My inspiration for Jackson Broussard...but of course, everyone can use their own!)
#2 Amazon Ranked in American Dramas
#2 Amazon Ranked in American Dramas
#1 in Amazon FREE downloads for Am. Dramas
#1 in Amazon FREE downloads for Am. Dramas
La Fleur de Love
La Fleur de Love
First Four!

Got to meet James Otto back in October of 2009 at the Texas Longhorn in Vinton.  After telling him I named my manuscript after his song, he authographed it and wished me luck.  Such a nice guy...and what a hunk! He's got the greatest voice for mixing country and soul. Last First Kiss, which he co-wrote with his lovely wife, Amy, is available on his Deluxe Edition of Sunset Man...great CD so go out and buy or download it if you haven't already.

My gorgeous daughter Jessica, cozying up to James Otto. (she wishes!)
Sarah, Trish & Jessica cozying up to James Otto for real.  He looks pretty happy, doesn't he?
Me and my soul sister, Arlene!
Arlene, Michelle, and me during the James Otto show. Good friends...Good times...Great memories.
Cajun French Terminology
& Pronunciations
Pronunciation of common Cajun names
Note: All r's should be rolled at least a little if you want to sound like a Cajun. Practice makes perfect!
Leger or Lege´: Lay´-jhay
Broussard: Broo´-sard
LeBlanc: Le-blon´ (C is silent)
Hebert: -bear
Richard: Ree´-shard or Ree-shard´ (either is accepted)
Mouton: Moo´-tawn (Real Cajuns don't pronounce the N)
Vincent: Van´- sawn (Both N's silent)
Baptiste: Bap-tees´ (Ditto with the P and the last T)
Potier: Po´-tee-ay
Marceaux: Mar´-so
Thibodeaux: Tib´-uh-do (and since you can't have one without the other...) Boudreaux: Boo´-dro
Fontenot: Font´-no
Angelique: Awn-jhe-leek´(Again, the N is nearly silent)
Marceleine: Mar´suh-lehn´
LeJeune: Luh-jhan´, Luh-jhoon´, or Luh-jheun´
Cajun or Creole French phrases and expressions
(more to be added in future)
Ce et ça: (See ay Sah) Translates loosely into 'This and that'
Laissez les bon temp rouler: (Lessay lai bawn tawm roo-lay)
Let the good times roll
Allons manger: (Ah-lawns mawn-jhay) Let's go eat or Let's Eat!
Le Bon Dieu a été bon pour mon: (Luh bawn dyu ah etay bawn poor mawn) The Good Lord has been good to me.
C'est tout la meme chose: (Say to la mam shawz) It's all the same thing.
C'est tout, c'est bon, allons: (Say to, say bawn, ah lawns) That's all, that's good, let's go!