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June 2014
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One Year to Forever
Halos & Horns
(Book Four)

It's a Summer Thing
Seasons of Love
(Book Five)

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 Bon Jour! (Good Day!)

Having ancestors of  French/Acadian heritage, I proudly inject the flavor and flair of south Louisiana Cajun life into my stories.  My fictional towns and cities are much like the place I was born and raised; a place where anyone can become instantly connected in some     way to a stranger by one simple question: “Who’s your mama and daddy?” 
        Those of you not accustomed to seeing French names may be confused by the spellings: Thibodeaux, Broussard, LeDoux and Mouton are common in my part of the country, as are the Cajun and Creole words and phrases peppered throughout my stories.  That's why I dedicate a page or two in each of my books to definitions and pronunciations. (See this website's "Lagniappe" page for an example.) 
       While you're at it, try one of the mouth-watering recipes I've added so that all of you, no matter where you live, can try your hand at cooking a delicious Cajun meal.  
        Get comfy...stay awhile!  Let me paint the lives of my vibrant cast of characters for you. The stories I write are pure fiction, but the characters will feel like they're a part of your family.  
        I hope you enjoy reading about my extended 'family' as much as I enjoy creating their stories. 

                                                    Au revoir, 
                                                           Lori Leger

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Lori's Books are highly recommended reads by review sites such as  Readers' Favorite, Beach Read Books, Romance Junkies, and InD'tale Review Magazine

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For the second consecutive year, I'm thrilled to have THREE books nominated for the Prestigious RONE awards:
MEAGAN'S MARINE (Book 3 of my Halos & Horns series)
SPRING PROMISE (Book 2 of my Seasons of Love series)
CHRISTMAS BY CANDLELIGHT (Book 4 of my Seasons of Love series) 

Le Bon Dieu a été
bon pour mon...
(The Good Lord has been
 good to me...)

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James Otto & Lori Leger 
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"A professional writer is an
amateur who didn't quit."
 ~Richard Bach~

A little about Lori:

I live in south Louisiana with my husband Michael. Between the two of us, Mike and I have five wonderful children from previous marriages...Three gorgeous daughters, Nova, Jessica, and Stephanie; and two handsome sons, Micah and Wesley. Some of our children have married and added four more extraordinary people to our family: sons in law Christopher, Ryan, and Blair, and one daughter in law, Trish. Our children have provided us with eleven beautiful grandchildren: Austin, Cathryn, Drew, Emmelia, Allie, Gage, Ava, Lillian, Colt, Kadin and Dylan.

In 2012, I resigned my job of drafting road plans for the state of Louisiana...a job I'd enjoyed for over 18 years...and committed myself to writing full time for a living. After all, the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl...Anything is possible, right?

The Writer's Prayer
Lord, inspire me to write stories that touch readers' hearts. Breathe your spirit into my characters so they come alive on the written page. Help me develop intriguing plots full of twists and turns that capture the imagination and move the story to a satisfying resolution. Keep me focused and on , and take away any fear or sense of inadequacy that blocks my progress. Give me courage to step out in faith, to stretch and grow, and to be the writer you have called me to be.
By: Debby Giusti
(I finally got to meet her!)